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@HI-DIVE – A.A. Bondy, Willy Mason, A Tom Collins

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Are you crazy?  Willy Mason is in town and you’re going to miss it?  Please don’t make me sad.  I guarantee if you go to this show you’ll thank me.  You’ll get on your knees and pray.  You get on iTunes and download Willy album Where The Human Eat, and album that got me through a horrible breakup and hopefully will get you through the rest of the Winter.

Who is Willy Mason?  Willy is from Massachusetts – Martha’s Vineyard to be exact.  He’s the song of two folk singers.  At the young age of 19 Willy Mason was discovered.  He was signed on to Conor Oberst signed Mason to his record label, Team Love.  He has toured Death Cab for Cutie, Radiohead (I actually hate Radiohead) and Damien Rice.


Who are A.A. Bondy & A Tom Collins?

I have no clue. I’ve never listened to them before, but I’m confident they’re quality if they sound anything like Willy Mason.

Dewi Sant plays @ Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

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Check out what Sean from Luthermergence: “What would Jesus deconstruct?” had to say about the Dewi Sant show:

First things first: Michael Morris and his crew are all pretty much the nicest people in the world. Not to mention, with their forces combined, they can create a moving, lush, subdued collage of acoustic sounds that make me want to move into a log cabin in the woods, build a fire and write poetry all day. No, really! There is a pace, a dynamic, a mood, a spirit that they capture, and then re-deliver, that equally lulls and pulls at me. I don’t know if I can explain it any better than that.

The sanctuary at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is quite large, and constructed entirely of wood, stone and glass. As you can imagine, the acoustics complimented Dewi Sant’s soundscape of organ, piano, glockenspiel, lightly-brushed drums, cello, mandolin, harmonica and guitar quite aptly. I spent most of my time behind the soundbooth, and hardly had to do much amplification at all, with the exception of Michael’s nearly-whispered vocals. They played us every track off the record, interspersing them with Michael’s (sometimes meandering, but always poignant) musings about songwriting, traveling, faith, religion and his history with our congregation.

I know for some it’s hard to sit through a concert when you’re used to worship. For others it was a welcome treat to just sit and listen. I genuinely loved it. And then, when all was said and done, I sat and chatted with the bunch for another hour or so afterwards. Also, I picked up a copy of “May” and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity I may have to listen to it in on the speakers of my truck over a long stretch of highway.

And tomorrow they’re all off to Holden Village. Good travels, gang!! Thanks for the visit.


People…This is going to be an experience you don’t want to miss.

Tune-Yards – Real Live Flesh

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With critical praise for last year’s debut album Bird-Brains, Tune-Yards is starting 2010 off right with a new single and video. The single – to be released as a digital download and limited edition 7″ on February 8, 2010 – features track “Real Live Flesh” with brand new unreleased track “Youth.”

The video from Merrill Garbus’ lo-fi freak folk project shows off Tune-Yards playful DIY aesthetic.

Bold, poppy and fantastic, don’t miss this lo-fi R&B gem that BBC Sound called one of the “Top 10 Albums You Might Have Missed 2009.” A must listen for fans of the Dirty Projectors.


Club Passim, Formely Club 47

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I was visiting my uncle Paul in Concord, MA.  At the time I was in school at Mercyhurst College and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott was hero of mine. Paul was a child of the 60s.  Now he’s an established rustic furniture expert and teacher.

Before dinner Paul put on some records.  He started with the Beatles, then moved to Dylan.  My mother had told him I was a fan.  Then, I went through his record collection.  He had lots of Beatles albums and some The Band.  But, it was the Ramblin’ Jack album that really made me jealous.  I had recently discovered Jack Elliott and I was obsessed. Paul put on the record and we ate dinner.

Not a whole lot happens in Concord at night. So, he took me into Harvard Square to see some street artist and maybe pop into a book store or two. I bought a book at a shop on Brattle Street that’s no longer in business.  Then, we headed back to the car.  Paul suggested we take a shortcut through Palmer Street.  As we got to the end of the block on Palmer there was music coming from an underground cafe called Club Passim.  I took a quick looked in to find a quiet audience enjoying a the ramblings of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.

Club Passim opened in 1958. Back then the name was Club 47.  Originally, the club hosted blues and jazz, but Club Passim is mostly known for the number of famous folk/singer-songwriters that have performed on its stage. Joan Baez developed her stage craft at Club Passim. Early in his career Bob Dylan often took road trips from NYC to see Joan Baez and Eric Von Schmidt.

So who’s passing through Passim over the next 30 days?

Jan/15 – Tony Trischka – banjo extraordinaire. This guy is one of the top traditional virtuosos in the country.

(Michael Daves – featured in the last post – is the guitar player. Tony is to the right of Steve Martin.)

Jan/22 – Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem – contemporary roots pop.

Jan/26 – Ryan Montbleau – I’m not sure, but I think I lived across the hall from this guy when I lived in Sommerville, MA.

Feb/5 – Sarah Lee Guthrie – cool by default.

Feb/6 – Jeffrey Foucault – a singer-songwriter for singer-songwriters to enjoy.  He’s clever and classy – not for everyone though.

Feb/16 – Annie Lynch & the Beekeepers – soft, whispering bluegrass.

NYC American: Motivated by Americanaroots.com

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Americanaroots.com posted on Jan 11 about how good NYC Americana is.  I agree.  The best bluegrass show (and I’ve been to a ton of them) I’ve ever seen was in NYC.

Gregg Geil, Americanroots.com blogger, is a self proclaimed addict.  He loves Americana out of the Big Apple, and one of his favorite local acts, Joe Whyte has a show coming up at the Rockwood Music hall.  That got me to thinking about all the excellent acts I’ve seen at the Rockwood Music Hall.

ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL – it’s located on the corner of Allen and Houston – just on the fringe of the Lower East Side.  There’s free music every night.  Well, there’s a one drink/act minimum.  Some nights the acts are nothing special.  On other nights, it’s got the best singer-songwriter, bluegrass, rock, or pop music in the city.  I first saw Cabin perform there, which was amazing, but the best show I’ve ever seen was Chris Thile playing with Michael Daves.  It was magic.

Michael Daves gave me guitar lessons when I was attending UMASS – Amherst. When I met him I truly didn’t know what to think of him. He’s got a goofy old-time look to him.  Tall and lanky.  He sports thick frames.  And he plays with a level of sloppiness that’s hard to follow. Now, I think it’s obvious that he’s a virtuoso. He’s found the secret to playing a new style of bluegrass without sacrificing older traditions.  Brilliant.

Michael Daves Playing @ Rockwood Music Hall

Michael Daves, Tony Trischka, Randy Lucas Playing Around

Michael Dave & Chris Thile Sharing Stage @ The Living Room (LES)

Myspace Connections: Journey To 10 Music Profiles

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MYSPACE CONNECTIONS – I pick a band and go to their myspace page. Then I pick one of their friends on myspace and go to their page.  I continue the process over until l’ve picked 10 bands.

***I found the first pick, Phantogram on 3hive.com, a music blog I much enjoy.  From there I clicked on Phantogram’s myspace page ***

Phantogram – is from Saratoga Springs, NY.  Sarah D. Barthel and Joshua M. Carter are the force behind their synth bending, fluttering guitar, and soothing vocals.

Railbird – a mix of elevated spoken word and minimalist pop rock.  I particularly like the song Swamp Thing.

Sean Rowe – Mr. Rowe just finished a Fall 2009 tour with Noah & the Whale.  Sean’s voice is deep – sometime’s I think Bruce Springsteen, sometimes I think Bruce Hornsby.

Matthew Carefully – mixes electronic beats with acoustic instruments. Cool video.

We Are Jeniric – “We live in a haunted house. Sometimes the ghosts wake us up in the middle of the night. Sometimes they play music, but only on the piano or the violin.” –myspace profile

Pinguinos – Peter was born and raised in Brooklyn.  Now he lives Albany. I recommend Hibernating Season.  It’s very Mountain Goats-y, and I saw that in the most complimenting way.

BEWARE! the other head of science – just watch the video:

Desperately Obvious – again, just watch the video:

Birthdays – If Dan Deacon had sex with Animal Collective the baby would be Birthdays.  I thought of that when I listened to their song Mating Falls.


TRUMAN PEYOTE – really, it’s the clever name that got me.


whitehaus family, treehaus, & Peace, Loving

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Whitehaus Family is the collective.  Peace, Loving is a band formed from members of the collective, which live, and play, and act, and perform in a large home in Jamaican Plains, Boston, MA.

Peace, Loving started 2010 touring, and they’ll be so through mid April.  On Sunday, March 28 they’ll be in Boulder playing at s00krEEm’s.

When I booked Peace, Loving, I did so after hearing the mp3 live.  It was unique and intriguing.  I have listened to live about 11 times now and I just want to hear more.  Luckily, I’ll get the chance in a couple months.  I asked Peace, Loving member, Adam, some questions.  Take a listen:

How did the Whitehaus Family come to be?
the whitehaus began as a small handful of friends who wanted to become more connected w/ their community. we started with hosting weekly friday night hootenannies in our living room nicknamed the treehaus. we began documenting the hoots and decided to start our own ‘record label’ to share the hoot recordings. now we have hosted two major artist showcases, a new england based three day experimental music festival, and hundreds of shows and hootenannies at our house.

You hail from Jamaica Plains.  Do you live in a huge New England colonial style house?

Who is in Peace, Loving?
a peace, loving show can be thrown by anyone steady in spirit enough to hold the reigns. the peace, loving founders try to make band practice a training camp for new artists attempting to harness this ability. morgan shaker, atomfoam, and brian ellis have all led their own peace, lovings. hopefully many people will go on to continue the experience. for this tour we are traveling as a trio of atomfoam, brian ellis, and kate lee. but while we are on tour morgan shaker will be leading peace, loving shows back in boston. peace, loving also tries to utilize the entertainment power in everyone. we have taken people like our friend josh who doesn’t like “performing” but is a fine dining cook, and written scores for the cooking off of aromatics accompanying music and poetry and dance and moving sound sculptures. we believe everybody has the ability to channel these abilities of entertainment inside of themselves.

What attracted you to noise music?

What instrument(s) do you play?
lots of different things… for this tour we are bringing: large scrap chimes, acoustic guitar, nail halos, bird bubblers, flute, banjo, vhs tape, cassette tape, handheld cassette recorders, cord organs, harmonicas, the human voice, the melodica, alarms, saws, hammers, chains, bowls, gravel and quarters. but historically we’ve also used upright and electric bass, samplers, electric guitars, drums, larger scrap chimes, saxophones, electric burners w/ assorted aromatics, ukelele, etc…

Tell me about the Peace, Loving experience?
we want to entertain people. to help them forget about their everyday for a little while. and also to get people to thinking beyond the usual show experience.

You’ve got an extensive tour planned in 2010.  How are you getting from city to city?  Bus? Van? Does it have a name?
we’re traveling by car. pretty generic! but don’t overlook the excitement of being squeezed in so close w/ your friends and equipment for two and a half months. we’re trying to plan our tour w/ small drives in between shows, to save gas, money, and sanity.

I love your 2010 tour poster.  Who’s responsible?
that’s our roommate at the haus Lenora Symczak! she does a lot of the design work for things whitehaus. she’s also designed an amazing cover for our upcoming double vinyl release called the whitehaus family record family record. the record has a single track from 26 different artists around the whitehaus scene.

Who are the Digger’s of the Sea?
The diggers of the sea are mostly mystery.
Ask us at the show!
Thanks Kevin!

BackForty Presents: A House concert w/ Gregory Alan Isakov

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RIP Jay Reatard

January 15, 2010 by

Damn.  This really is a surprise and a loss to the music world.  Jay Reatard was an undeniable force, with a reputation for being a total pain in the ass.  His unique sound and immense talent was undoubtedly still evolving when, at only 29, he died in his sleep 0n Wednesday morning.  Check out his blog here for updates.