Truth – Vivian Girls


NOTE – I will be putting down this band.  If you are into them, I apologize.

I still get ToddPNYC emails.  ToddP is the top NYC underground promoter and organizer, puting on most of his shows at various lofts and speakeasies in East Brooklyn.  Many New York bands got their start through ToddP, including Matt & Kim, Lightning Bolt and the Black Lips, just to name a few.  However, when I opened my email yesterday and saw the Vivian Girls playing another ToddP show it almost made me ill.

The Vivian Girls are a trio of twenty something Brooklyn locals.  Recently, they have outgrown their local scene and have toured the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Puerto Rico, which is why I’m writing this for you all.

Before I left Brooklyn for Boulder, I saw Vivian Girls at a ToddP show.  I was excited to see them, because of all the hype — and all girl bands rock.  But, once they took the stage I felt let down, like when an older sister tells you she’ll buy you and your friends a 30 rack of Budweiser for the post prom party at the cool kids house, but never does

First, they are not good musicians.  To me, being a good musician is not a prerequisite.  Matt & Kim is a perfect example of a band that’s not musically talented, but stills wails, which brings me to my next point.  As far as energy, they just don’t have it.  They stand up there, trying to play their instruments, trying to sing, just standing there.  It’s like being on a date with a spoiled, rich girl who can’t wait to leave.  Finally, their songs are simple, simple, simple.  Again, if they possessed raw energy it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I write this because I feel it’s important that people know the truth as this band rises to the top of the charts and start touring near towns near you.  My advice?  Don’t spend a single penny on this band.


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