Art Show – Kristin Marine


BackForty is proud to announce that Kristin Marine will be featuring her artwork at the Dewi Sant show on January 31 @ krEEmster’s spread.  As with any other art show, there will be cheese and crackers.  Feel free to bring wine.

:::Kristin’s Statement:::

“My artwork is an exploration of process and repetition informed by natural processes such as growth and entropy.  My thoughts, my actions, my process… repeat, and through this system I find connections to other systems governed by the same laws.

The similarities between processes in the natural world are real and indicative of deep underlying connections, extending even into our own consciousness.  Our own intelligence has been shown by some scientific models to be nothing more than a complex pattern of electrical activity arising within a cell matrix.  The complexity, like the macro movements of a school of fish, is an inherent aspect of the simple individuals making up that school.

My drawings and paintings explore and reveal the aesthetic nature of these connections and patterns, bound and unbound.  By mirroring nature’s repetitive process through layers and time, I seek to create the patterned forms we see around us.   Within these patterns and connections I am attempting to locate myself in a complex web of life.”


Kristin is (relatively) new to the Boulder area.  After getting her BA at the Columbus College of Art and Design she attended Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  Then, she decided to leave the mean streets of Philadelphia for Boulder, CO.

Check out more of Kristin’s artwork here!!!


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