A Holiday Gift From Novels – Power Pop Freebies


Novels is a group comprised of Graham Wright from Tokyo Police Club, Luke Lalonde from Born Ruffians, Will Curie from Will Curie & The Country French, Dean Marino from Ex-po, and Jason Sadlowski from Jay Sad. Yes, it’s a Canadian power pop super group.

They have decided to release an album of 5 songs, which were recorded 24 hour recording marathon, and distribute through grassroots methods. They state on their website after free download:

Again thanks for downloading these songs!

Feel free to give the URL to your friends and have them download it too!

After you do that burn it to a CD!
Burn it to a few CDs. Give one to the girl that works at the coffee shop. Leave one in the library. Leave one on the bus seat. Put one in a random mailbox. Find a random address and mail it to them. We just want people to have this music and to share how much fun we have had with it.

If you do end up burning some CDs take a photo and send it to us. We want to see where you have hidden the CD or the people you have given it to.

I’ve done my part by providing FREE downloads of all 5 songs on our Box file share widget (in the right column) for your enoyment.  My favorite songs are No Hard Feelings by Graham Wright and Big Run by Luke Lalonde.

That’s not all.  documentary film maker Wade Vroom put together a 35 minute documentary called, Novels The Movie.   It will be showcased at many festivals, including Pop Montreal.


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