Three Artists of Jan2010 – Daniel Johnston, Death Vessel, Black Cab Sessions


Welcome back and welcome to 2010.  According to Rolling Stone we all should have been here on NYE.  If I wasn’t booked to play Dominion with my GF and a couple good friends I definitely would have went to see The Flaming Lips in OK City.  Moving on.

Here are three artist I picked to investigate during Jan2010; Daniel Johnston, Death Vessel, Black Cab Sessions.  I know I’m stretching on the Black Cab Sessions, but they put together a creative medium for artist to communicate with an online audience, so I included them.

Daniel Johnston

About a month and a week ago, maybe more, a friend invited me to watch a documentary called, The Devil and Daniel Johnston.  I couldn’t muster the energy to get over there, but my friends pitch was catching.  He said something about a crazy kid, singer-songwriter, that wrote during the 80s and a lot of famous musical acts had covered his songs since.

Last weekend I downloaded The Devil and Daniel Johnston and I’m hooked.  Sure I find most of the recordings unlistenable, but about 10% of the stuff I hear and love and connect with.  For example:



Daniel Johnston was discovered by most when Kurt Cobain wore a Daniel Johnston ‘frog’ t-shirt to the 1992 MTV  Music Awards.  Daniel was also invited to record with Sonic Youth, but he freaked everyone out with his mental insights, specifically his evangelicalism.

Death Vessel

Death Vessel is led by German born, Maine raised Joel Thibodeau.  He   lived all over New England, including Boston, Brooklyn, and Providence, RI, where he currently resides.

Joel put out his first album under Death Vessel in 2005.  He called it Stay Close.  In Aug of 2008 he released Nothing is Precious Enough – a much slower, and well crafted album.

Black Cab Sessions

I wish I came up with the idea.  It’s very cool and I love watching the internet purposed videos.  Basically, artist are picked for their low-fi and indie excellence.  However, some big acts like Death Cab for Cuties, The New Pornographers, and My Morning Jacket have taken part.  The artist take a ride in the back of a black cab, usually in London, and they perform “one song, one take, one cab,” as Black Cab Sessions’ motto states.


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One Response to “Three Artists of Jan2010 – Daniel Johnston, Death Vessel, Black Cab Sessions”

  1. Ian Says:

    Daniel Johnston is good, except when he is crashing cessna’s with his dad in them

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