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Tune-Yards – Real Live Flesh

January 24, 2010

With critical praise for last year’s debut album Bird-Brains, Tune-Yards is starting 2010 off right with a new single and video. The single – to be released as a digital download and limited edition 7″ on February 8, 2010 – features track “Real Live Flesh” with brand new unreleased track “Youth.”

The video from Merrill Garbus’ lo-fi freak folk project shows off Tune-Yards playful DIY aesthetic.

Bold, poppy and fantastic, don’t miss this lo-fi R&B gem that BBC Sound called one of the “Top 10 Albums You Might Have Missed 2009.” A must listen for fans of the Dirty Projectors.


Top 10 Songs of 2009

December 31, 2009

With 2010 on the horizon, I wanted to share my top 10 songs of 2009. Cheers, Happy Listening and Happy New Years!

10. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

Expanding on the sound of their previous album, Yellow House, these Brooklynites have come through with some incredible songs, tight harmonies, and lovely musical arrangements. “Two Weeks” features soaring vocals that seem to float on a simple piano and guitar soundscape. I can’t get enough of these vocals.

9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

Dark yet catchy, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have done wonders with their latest. “Heads Will Roll” takes the band in a more danceable direction with epic synths. The lyrics conjure an image of an Alice in Wonderland disco party.

8. Passion Pit – Little Secrets

Uplifting, pretty and upbeat, Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets” hits many correct notes with its electronic indie and synth instrument approach. This is the kind of music where you don’t have to pay attention to enjoy it.

7. Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart

Gloomy and minimalistic, Fever Ray provides a dark soundtrack for a cold autumn or winter evening with “If I Had a Heart.” Hear it for yourself. The video is beautiful.

“crushed and filled with all i found underneath and inside
just to come around
more, give me more, give me more”

6. Girls – Lust for Life

By far one of my favorite new artists of 2009, Girls’ “Lust For Life” can make any rainy or snowy day feel like a sunny day at the beach. With lots of reverb and tremolo drenched guitars, Girls offer the perfect summer album.

5. Metric – Twilight Galaxy

There is a lot to love from Metric’s Fantasies. “Twilight Galaxy” is powerful in its beauty, simplicity and almost muted introduction. The song builds itself from Emily Haines’ angelic vocals until the song vibrantly peaks with glitter and guitars.

4. The Dead Weather – 60 Feet Tall

Fans of The Kills know singer Alison Mosshart needs no introduction. Also as the lead singer of supergroup The Dead Weather, she shakes, whispers and screams in “60 Feet Tall.” In this bluesy track about being addicted to a dangerous beau, Mosshart will rock her way into your heart or break it trying.

“You’re so cruel and shameless but I can’t leave you be
You’re so cold and dangerous I can’t leave you be
You got the kind of loving I need constantly
I can take the trouble
Cos I’m 60 feet

3. Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes

Yet another summery song, “Summertime Clothes” is my love song of 2009. With a broken air conditioner and a restless night, a close friend is called around midnight and the two friends spend the night wandering through the city until dawn. This song makes me want to hold someone’s hand and dance through balmy city streets. True love.

2. Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts

“Wild Young Hearts” is undeniably my favorite song by the Noisettes. It captures a certain soulful rock that compliment Shingai’s playful vocals. Playful and fierce, it’s a fun and funky take on indie rock only the Noisettes can pull off.

1. Florence + the Machine – You’ve Got the Love

Though not her song, Florence rocks “You’ve Got the Love” originally by The Source (featuring  Candi Staton). With a beautiful and powerful voice, she takes this song to new heights. I can’t listen to this song without smiling. Her beauty and talent is something I want to share with anyone willing to listen.  My Number 1 of 2009 without a doubt.