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RIP Jay Reatard

January 15, 2010

Damn.  This really is a surprise and a loss to the music world.  Jay Reatard was an undeniable force, with a reputation for being a total pain in the ass.  His unique sound and immense talent was undoubtedly still evolving when, at only 29, he died in his sleep 0n Wednesday morning.  Check out his blog here for updates.


New York Times Kills Indie Rock Genre

January 4, 2010

I once got made fun of on the Internet for making a sports video with Arcade Fire in the background.  I believe the YouTube comment was,”this movie sucks and the indie shit music is ghay.” I felt proud of the harassment.  I finally got someone to comment.

Ben Sisario of the New York Times declared the death of “indie rock” in his article today, When Indie-Rock Genres Outnumber the Bands.  Ben’s argument is simple:  As indie rock has expanded into hundreds of subgenres the term has grown to mean everything and nothing.  When a friend asks “what type of music do you listen to?” you better be ready – “indie” doesn’t cut it anymore.

I agree with everything Ben says in his article – too many bands.  The scene is too big tent.  Kinda feels like the indie rock roller coaster has been climbing, ticking to the top of a very large drop, which isn’t far away.  But I feel the end is coming for another reason.

Here’s a list of things that make me think the end is near:

  • The National and Dan Deacon had songs used in Google Chrome commercial featured on  The National commecial
  • Matt & Kim song used in three different ads/sitcoms in 2009
  • Fashion.  Yes, the indie style is sold everywhere from American Apparel to Gap to Old Navy to Brooklyn Industries to Walmart.  It can be bought and sold and therefore is no longer relevant.

So what’s next?  Well, I see a return to the acoustic.  A return to the hippie indie rock.  Think Rusted Root, not Ryan Adams.  Please, don’t take this too literally, but I think Animal Collective has proven in the last few years that an abstract ‘hippie jam band’ can fit into popular culture given the right touch.

Other than that, I think it will just be harder to discover talent.  Most of the good stuff will be packaged and distributed to us via high cost concerts and simplistic advertising letting us know their company understands us.

A Holiday Gift From Novels – Power Pop Freebies

December 29, 2009

Novels is a group comprised of Graham Wright from Tokyo Police Club, Luke Lalonde from Born Ruffians, Will Curie from Will Curie & The Country French, Dean Marino from Ex-po, and Jason Sadlowski from Jay Sad. Yes, it’s a Canadian power pop super group.

They have decided to release an album of 5 songs, which were recorded 24 hour recording marathon, and distribute through grassroots methods. They state on their website after free download:

Again thanks for downloading these songs!

Feel free to give the URL to your friends and have them download it too!

After you do that burn it to a CD!
Burn it to a few CDs. Give one to the girl that works at the coffee shop. Leave one in the library. Leave one on the bus seat. Put one in a random mailbox. Find a random address and mail it to them. We just want people to have this music and to share how much fun we have had with it.

If you do end up burning some CDs take a photo and send it to us. We want to see where you have hidden the CD or the people you have given it to.

I’ve done my part by providing FREE downloads of all 5 songs on our Box file share widget (in the right column) for your enoyment.  My favorite songs are No Hard Feelings by Graham Wright and Big Run by Luke Lalonde.

That’s not all.  documentary film maker Wade Vroom put together a 35 minute documentary called, Novels The Movie.   It will be showcased at many festivals, including Pop Montreal.

Vic Chestnutt Dies on Christmas

December 28, 2009

I read that Vic Chestnutt died on Christmas of a drug overdose. He was 45.  Honestly, I wasn’t too familiar with his work, but I liked what I heard.

RIP Vic Chestnutt – Fence Post – HERE

Vic Chestnutt, Singer and Songwriter, Dies at 45 – New York Times – HERE

Chesnutt had been in a wheelchair since the age of 18, when he was injured in a car accident.

Many considered 2009 a phenomenal and creative year for Chesnutt, who released two albums this year. At The Cut featured collaborations with members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Skitter On Take-Off was a minimal folk release with bouts of sheer brilliance. Musicians and music fans alike have been devastated by the loss of one of the world’s most stunning musicians. -Fence Post

Revisiting Cabin

November 7, 2009

Cabin is a band that I fell in love with after seeing them live at a little listening room in the Lower East side  called Rockwood Music Hall.  I had just got out of work.  It was a Tuesday in April I think.  Probably was since I was feeling so angst.

Cabin is from Louisville, KY.  For those who haven’t been there, Louisville is an amazing place to settle down. Great music.  Bourbon.  Kentucky Derby. Nuff said.  They play rock music.

When I woke up this morning, I wanted to check out this band again.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Well, it seems that they took a break from touring and recorded a record.  As of October 15, they’re just wrapping up mixing and mastering their new record.  Rumored is a tour, as well. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough have them come through Colorado.  Stay posted!

Recommended songs – I Was Here, Dance With Me.

Truth – Vivian Girls

November 7, 2009

NOTE – I will be putting down this band.  If you are into them, I apologize.

I still get ToddPNYC emails.  ToddP is the top NYC underground promoter and organizer, puting on most of his shows at various lofts and speakeasies in East Brooklyn.  Many New York bands got their start through ToddP, including Matt & Kim, Lightning Bolt and the Black Lips, just to name a few.  However, when I opened my email yesterday and saw the Vivian Girls playing another ToddP show it almost made me ill.

The Vivian Girls are a trio of twenty something Brooklyn locals.  Recently, they have outgrown their local scene and have toured the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Puerto Rico, which is why I’m writing this for you all.

Before I left Brooklyn for Boulder, I saw Vivian Girls at a ToddP show.  I was excited to see them, because of all the hype — and all girl bands rock.  But, once they took the stage I felt let down, like when an older sister tells you she’ll buy you and your friends a 30 rack of Budweiser for the post prom party at the cool kids house, but never does

First, they are not good musicians.  To me, being a good musician is not a prerequisite.  Matt & Kim is a perfect example of a band that’s not musically talented, but stills wails, which brings me to my next point.  As far as energy, they just don’t have it.  They stand up there, trying to play their instruments, trying to sing, just standing there.  It’s like being on a date with a spoiled, rich girl who can’t wait to leave.  Finally, their songs are simple, simple, simple.  Again, if they possessed raw energy it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I write this because I feel it’s important that people know the truth as this band rises to the top of the charts and start touring near towns near you.  My advice?  Don’t spend a single penny on this band.