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Myspace Connections: Journey To 10 Music Profiles

January 16, 2010

MYSPACE CONNECTIONS – I pick a band and go to their myspace page. Then I pick one of their friends on myspace and go to their page.  I continue the process over until l’ve picked 10 bands.

***I found the first pick, Phantogram on, a music blog I much enjoy.  From there I clicked on Phantogram’s myspace page ***

Phantogram – is from Saratoga Springs, NY.  Sarah D. Barthel and Joshua M. Carter are the force behind their synth bending, fluttering guitar, and soothing vocals.

Railbird – a mix of elevated spoken word and minimalist pop rock.  I particularly like the song Swamp Thing.

Sean Rowe – Mr. Rowe just finished a Fall 2009 tour with Noah & the Whale.  Sean’s voice is deep – sometime’s I think Bruce Springsteen, sometimes I think Bruce Hornsby.

Matthew Carefully – mixes electronic beats with acoustic instruments. Cool video.

We Are Jeniric – “We live in a haunted house. Sometimes the ghosts wake us up in the middle of the night. Sometimes they play music, but only on the piano or the violin.” –myspace profile

Pinguinos – Peter was born and raised in Brooklyn.  Now he lives Albany. I recommend Hibernating Season.  It’s very Mountain Goats-y, and I saw that in the most complimenting way.

BEWARE! the other head of science – just watch the video:

Desperately Obvious – again, just watch the video:

Birthdays – If Dan Deacon had sex with Animal Collective the baby would be Birthdays.  I thought of that when I listened to their song Mating Falls.


TRUMAN PEYOTE – really, it’s the clever name that got me.