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NYC American: Motivated by

January 17, 2010 posted on Jan 11 about how good NYC Americana is.  I agree.  The best bluegrass show (and I’ve been to a ton of them) I’ve ever seen was in NYC.

Gregg Geil, blogger, is a self proclaimed addict.  He loves Americana out of the Big Apple, and one of his favorite local acts, Joe Whyte has a show coming up at the Rockwood Music hall.  That got me to thinking about all the excellent acts I’ve seen at the Rockwood Music Hall.

ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL – it’s located on the corner of Allen and Houston – just on the fringe of the Lower East Side.  There’s free music every night.  Well, there’s a one drink/act minimum.  Some nights the acts are nothing special.  On other nights, it’s got the best singer-songwriter, bluegrass, rock, or pop music in the city.  I first saw Cabin perform there, which was amazing, but the best show I’ve ever seen was Chris Thile playing with Michael Daves.  It was magic.

Michael Daves gave me guitar lessons when I was attending UMASS – Amherst. When I met him I truly didn’t know what to think of him. He’s got a goofy old-time look to him.  Tall and lanky.  He sports thick frames.  And he plays with a level of sloppiness that’s hard to follow. Now, I think it’s obvious that he’s a virtuoso. He’s found the secret to playing a new style of bluegrass without sacrificing older traditions.  Brilliant.

Michael Daves Playing @ Rockwood Music Hall

Michael Daves, Tony Trischka, Randy Lucas Playing Around

Michael Dave & Chris Thile Sharing Stage @ The Living Room (LES)