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whitehaus family, treehaus, & Peace, Loving

January 15, 2010

Whitehaus Family is the collective.  Peace, Loving is a band formed from members of the collective, which live, and play, and act, and perform in a large home in Jamaican Plains, Boston, MA.

Peace, Loving started 2010 touring, and they’ll be so through mid April.  On Sunday, March 28 they’ll be in Boulder playing at s00krEEm’s.

When I booked Peace, Loving, I did so after hearing the mp3 live.  It was unique and intriguing.  I have listened to live about 11 times now and I just want to hear more.  Luckily, I’ll get the chance in a couple months.  I asked Peace, Loving member, Adam, some questions.  Take a listen:

How did the Whitehaus Family come to be?
the whitehaus began as a small handful of friends who wanted to become more connected w/ their community. we started with hosting weekly friday night hootenannies in our living room nicknamed the treehaus. we began documenting the hoots and decided to start our own ‘record label’ to share the hoot recordings. now we have hosted two major artist showcases, a new england based three day experimental music festival, and hundreds of shows and hootenannies at our house.

You hail from Jamaica Plains.  Do you live in a huge New England colonial style house?

Who is in Peace, Loving?
a peace, loving show can be thrown by anyone steady in spirit enough to hold the reigns. the peace, loving founders try to make band practice a training camp for new artists attempting to harness this ability. morgan shaker, atomfoam, and brian ellis have all led their own peace, lovings. hopefully many people will go on to continue the experience. for this tour we are traveling as a trio of atomfoam, brian ellis, and kate lee. but while we are on tour morgan shaker will be leading peace, loving shows back in boston. peace, loving also tries to utilize the entertainment power in everyone. we have taken people like our friend josh who doesn’t like “performing” but is a fine dining cook, and written scores for the cooking off of aromatics accompanying music and poetry and dance and moving sound sculptures. we believe everybody has the ability to channel these abilities of entertainment inside of themselves.

What attracted you to noise music?

What instrument(s) do you play?
lots of different things… for this tour we are bringing: large scrap chimes, acoustic guitar, nail halos, bird bubblers, flute, banjo, vhs tape, cassette tape, handheld cassette recorders, cord organs, harmonicas, the human voice, the melodica, alarms, saws, hammers, chains, bowls, gravel and quarters. but historically we’ve also used upright and electric bass, samplers, electric guitars, drums, larger scrap chimes, saxophones, electric burners w/ assorted aromatics, ukelele, etc…

Tell me about the Peace, Loving experience?
we want to entertain people. to help them forget about their everyday for a little while. and also to get people to thinking beyond the usual show experience.

You’ve got an extensive tour planned in 2010.  How are you getting from city to city?  Bus? Van? Does it have a name?
we’re traveling by car. pretty generic! but don’t overlook the excitement of being squeezed in so close w/ your friends and equipment for two and a half months. we’re trying to plan our tour w/ small drives in between shows, to save gas, money, and sanity.

I love your 2010 tour poster.  Who’s responsible?
that’s our roommate at the haus Lenora Symczak! she does a lot of the design work for things whitehaus. she’s also designed an amazing cover for our upcoming double vinyl release called the whitehaus family record family record. the record has a single track from 26 different artists around the whitehaus scene.

Who are the Digger’s of the Sea?
The diggers of the sea are mostly mystery.
Ask us at the show!
Thanks Kevin!