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@HI-DIVE – A.A. Bondy, Willy Mason, A Tom Collins

January 25, 2010


Are you crazy?  Willy Mason is in town and you’re going to miss it?  Please don’t make me sad.  I guarantee if you go to this show you’ll thank me.  You’ll get on your knees and pray.  You get on iTunes and download Willy album Where The Human Eat, and album that got me through a horrible breakup and hopefully will get you through the rest of the Winter.

Who is Willy Mason?  Willy is from Massachusetts – Martha’s Vineyard to be exact.  He’s the song of two folk singers.  At the young age of 19 Willy Mason was discovered.  He was signed on to Conor Oberst signed Mason to his record label, Team Love.  He has toured Death Cab for Cutie, Radiohead (I actually hate Radiohead) and Damien Rice.


Who are A.A. Bondy & A Tom Collins?

I have no clue. I’ve never listened to them before, but I’m confident they’re quality if they sound anything like Willy Mason.

Willy Mason on Our Minds

December 22, 2009

I was sipping coffee  with Pumpkin and Flapjack and I brought up Willy Mason.  Flapjack was surprised I knew of Willy Mason.  Pancake started singing Hard Hand to Hold, one of his songs.  This morning I thought I’d see what he was up to and found this gem:

I also found a cool blog, Palestra (, that had some delicious shorts of Willy at work.